Diaspora Paragraph – Short Paragraph Writing

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write a paragraph answering the following questions. Your answer should give as much detail as possible.

(a) What do you understand by diaspora’?

(b) How many diasporas can you find in the history of human civilization? 

(c) Mention a few of them in brief. 

(d) What is the main reason behind diaspora?


Diaspora Paragraph For SSC / HSC 


“Diaspora’ is a term by which we understand those people, who leave their homelands, and settle in other parts of the world. It is either because they are forced to do so or because they willingly leave their homeland. In the history of human civilization, we find numerous events of diaspora. The Jews were the first diasporas in the history of mankind. Their ancestor Abraham was forced to leave Iraq and took shelter in Egypt. In Egypt, he was a diaspora. Then his offspring Jews were forced to leave Egypt and settled themselves in Palestine. There they were diasporas. Later, many of them were forced to leave Palestine during the Islamic era. These Jews became diasporas in Europe and then in America. Coming from central Europe, the Aryans settled in the Indian sub-continent. Here the Aryans were also diasporas although the cause of their migration is unknown, in the twentieth century, after World War II the Jews started gathering in Palestine. With the help of western power, they have formed a Jew land in Palestine named Israel. The Palestinians are now forced to leave their homeland. They are becoming diasporas in different countries of the world. The political turmoil in the Middle East, which includes places like Syria, Libya, and Iraq, is driving these people into Europe and also many other countries. A lot of people have become diasporas in Africa, too, over the centuries. Most of the reasons behind it are the ravages of nature. However, now the main reason for diaspora is globalization.

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