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Write a paragraph based on the following questions. Your answer should give as much detail as possible.


(a) What is culture? 

(b) What are the elements of culture? 

(c) What does culture reflect? 

(d) What do you mean by cultural assault? 

(e) Which things do you notice in Asian and Western culture? 

(f) Why do cultures differ from society to society or country to country?


Culture Paragraph For SSC HSC students 


Culture is one of the most important and basic concepts of sociology. The word culture is used to denote acquired behavior which is shared by and transmitted among the members of the society. The culture of a society is made up of all of its tools, ideas, and ways of behaving. Language, music, art, morals, law, ways of working and playing, and the tools and other objects made and used by people in a society are the elements of its culture. A society is recognized by its culture and it reflects the patterns, traditions, customs, beliefs, values, and identity of a society. So, culture is called the mirror of society. Every nation has its respective culture and tradition. Due to globalization cultures of different nations are intermingling. Through satellite TV and the internet, western cultures are intruding into ours. Due to the influence of western cultures, our dress, music, behavior, ways of life are getting westernized and it is known as cultural assault. Some differences are noticed between the Asian and western cultures. Asian people are very. emotional. Family bondage is very important to them. On the other hand, western people are very much practical and they give importance to personal interest rather than family bondage. Actually, cultures differ from society to society or country to country. Climatic and religious differences and patterns of behavior and actions are the main reasons behind it.

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