Completing Story Robert Bruce and a Spider For SSC HSC Students

This complete story is about Robert Bruce and a SpiderRead the beginning of the following story. This story is not complete. Write at least ten new sentences to complete the story:




Completed story Robert Bruce and a Spider For SSC :

Robert Bruce was the king of Scotland. His army was defeated again and again against King Edward-I of England. Being defeated six times he lost his hope. Naturally, he was very sad. In order to save his kingdom, he took shelter in a remote cave. One day when he was lying in the cave, suddenly he saw a spider trying hard to reach the ceiling cave. The spider failed, again and again, to attain success in this. But it did not lose heart. Bruce saw the spider climbing to the ceiling after many unsuccessful attempts. This dauntless spider inspired Robert Bruce to foil despair. He gathered an army of strong men and attacked his enemies with new vigor. The enemies courted defeat and Robért Bruce regained his kingdom. It also indicates that where there is a will, “there is a way.”

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