Completing Story Honesty is the best policy For SSC HSC Students

This complete story is about Honesty as the best policy. Read the beginning of the following story. This story is not complete. Write at least ten new sentences.






Completing Story Honesty is the best policy For SSC Students:

Once there lived a poor rickshaw puller. He had to maintain his family consisting of six members with great difficulty. He always thought of additional income for the maintenance of his family. One day while walking through the fields, he found a purse of gold dropped by a passer-by. He opened the bag at home and found 10 lac taka inside the bag. His wife Jarina, a greedy woman, was overwhelmed with joy. She asked her husband to hide the money so that nobody could see or know about it. But her husband began to think as to who might be the owner of the treasure. He remembered the house where he dropped his last passenger. He also found a card in which the name and address of the owner were written. He covered the bag with a cloth and set out for the house with his rickshaw. He reached the house and told the gateman, I am the rickshaw puller who brought the owner of this house here about an hour ago. Please tell him I have good news for him”. The gatekeeper conveyed the message and Mr. Samad came out running within a moment. He gave him the bag. He found his money intact. Then he took him to his living room. He gave him some money and appointed him caretaker of his house at a monthly pay of taka 6,000. Thus everybody was happy and he was rewarded for his honesty.

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