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Write a paragraph on ‘Benefits of Physical Exercise’ based on the answers to the following questions.


a) What is physical exercise? 

(b) Give examples of different forms of physical exercise. 

(c) Discuss the benefits of physical exercise. 

(d) What is your opinion on over-exercise?


Benefits of Physical Exercise Paragraph For SSC HSC 


Physical exercise refers to the movement of different parts of our body to make us strong and healthy. Jogging, walking, running; swimming, gymnastics, outdoor games, etc. are some good forms ‘of physical exercise. Taking regular exercise is very beneficial to our health. It makes different limbs of our body strong, fit, and active. It is essential to keep our body fit and mind sound because there lies a close connection betwėen body and mind. We can’t think of a sound mind without sound health. It is one of the prerequisites for maintaining sound health in a sound body. Besides, it is a very effective means for the prevention and cure of many diseases. By taking physical exercise, a man can be greatly benefited. He can enjoy sound health in a sound body. Physical exercise makes our body active and muscles strong. It also improves our power of digestion and blood circulation. It gives strength to our brains. A man is likely to be free from diseases and illness. He can work hard and thus earn his livelihood móre. So he can be both healthy and wealthy by taking regular physiçal exercise. But sometimes, ‘many of us do over-exercise. It is very harmful to us. Exercise musť be matched with one’s physical structure. So, we should take regular physical exercise for our better health and life.


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