Begging Social Problem Paragraph – Short Paragraph Writing

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Write a paragraph based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible.


(a) ‘Who is a beggar?

 (b) Why is begging regarded as a serious social problem? 

(c) What does begging create in the beggar?

 (d) What are the reasons behind this problem?

 (e) What are the effects of the beggar problem in our country? 

(f) Can you suggest any remedy for this problem?


Begging Social Problem Paragraph For SSC HSC 


Begging is a social vice. A person who lives by begging is a beggar. A beggar is regarded as a burden to society and begging is regarded as a serious social problem. It gives nothing to the society, Rather it destroys the prestige of both the person and the society. Begging creates a sense of idlenęss and irresponsibility in a person. It hampers his good feelings of the mind. A number of factors. are responsible for this problem. Extreme poverty is the main reason behind this problem. A man feels compelled to beg when he has nothing to eat and feed his family members. But begging has now become a business of some people. These beggars are expert professionals. They are able-bodied beggars. But their mentality is ill and narrow. So, begging is -not only for poverty but also, for mentality. This problem should be addressed soon. The government should arrange some work for this type of people and employ them as soon as possible. This is my suggestion for its remedy.




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