Arsenic Problem Paragraph – Short Paragraph Writing

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Write a paragraph on Arsenic problems’ based on the answers to the following questions.


(a) What is arsenic? 

(b) What disease does it lead to?

(c) What is the source of arsenic? 

(d) How do people affect by arsenic?

(e) How can we prevent it?


Arsenic Problem Paragraph For SSC HSC 


Arsenic is a poisonous chemical. It is white in colour. Normally, all kinds of water contain arsenic. When the presence of arsenic in water is higher than the acceptable level is called arsenic pollution. The tolerable amount of arsenic in drinking water is .01 mg- .05 mg/litre. But about 25% tubewells in Bangladesh contain about 40 mg of arsenic per litre. By drinking this excessive amount of arsenic-contaminated water many people are suffering from a disease named arsenicosis, Arsenic poisoning is a slow process. For this reason, arsenic is known as a silent killer. It affects the human body. An arsenic affected man loses his stamina to work. It makes sore in the skin of the palm, leg and back. Sometimes, it may cause skin cancer. Long term poisoning may also cause death. The initial treatment of arsenicosis is to eat a balanced diet containing fish and vegetables. The effective treatment of arsenicosis is to take vitamins A, C and E. It is not a contagious disease. Consciousness can help us get rid of this disease. Arsenic is not found in surface water. It is found in tube-well water. However, the majority of the tubewells in Bangladesh are free from arsenic. Yet they should be tested and all the arsenic affected tube-wells should ‘be marked with red colour. The best way to get rid of the disease, arsenicosis, is to drink water from the source that contains ‘no arsenić. Rainwater can be collected for this purpose. AS arsenic problem is a national problem, the government should come forward to solve this problem. They should make people conscious of arsenicosis. At the same time, they should make arrangements for the supply of pure drinking water.

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