Arsenic pollution Paragraph – Short Paragraph Writing

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Arsenic pollution Paragraph



Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on “Arsenic Menace/Arsenic Problem/Arsenic pollution”

(a) What does ‘Arsenic’ mean? 

(b) Where is it found? 

(c) What does it cause in the human body?

(d) How can we get rid of it? 

(e) What should the govt. do to check the arsenic? 


Arsenic Menace/Arsenic Problem/Arsenic pollution Paragraph For SSC /HSC 


Water is an important element of the environment. Man cannot live without it. At present arsenic contamination in drinking water is one of the severe problems of Bangladesh. Arsenic is a very poisonous’ white compound of frail elements. This element is found out largely in the tubewell water of 59 districts of our country. By drinking this polluted .water many people get affected with many serious diseases like arsenicosis, sores, stomach troubles, gangrene, etc. because arsenic is most poisonous. About 24 million people of Bangladesh are endangered for it. People should be conscious of it. We can get rid of it by drinking arsenic-free water. In this regard, a deep tube-well should be set up with a large common area. Immediate steps must be taken by the govt. in order, to check this pollution such as research and analysis of the source of water, investigation of the possibility of alternative source of safe water, marking of dangerous tubę-well and arrangement of proper treatment of arsenic patients.

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