Adolescence Paragraph – Short Paragraph Writing

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Write a paragraph answering the following questions. Your answer should give as much detail as possible.


a) What does adolescence refer to?

(b) What are the noticeable features of adolescence? 

(c) What are the risk factors of adolescence?

(d) What are the roles of the institutions like family, communities,   schools, health services? 

(e) How can they help adolescents?


Adolescence Paragraph For SSC / HSC 


Adolescence refers to the phase in human growth and development occurring after childhood and before adulthood. It represents one of the critical transitions in one’s life span. It is characterized by fast-paced growth and change. There are some noticeable changes and development in the biological process. For example, gaining puberty and experiencing an alteration in tone are the most common phenomena. The time of adolescence is a period of preparation for adulthood. Some acute psychological changes occur in adolescence. Flourishing of personality is introduced in this stage. The adolescents get emotional and find his/her personal identity. It is also a time of considerable risks. Many adolescents feel curious to use alcohol, cigarettes, or other drugs. Some of them get involved in illegal sexual relationships that put themselves at high risk for various health hazards, pregnancies, STDs, and fatal disease AIDS. Some of them may experience mental health problems too. Adolescents are not fully capable of understanding complex concepts and facing difficult situations. Such inability makes them particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation and high-risk behaviors. Families, communities, schools, health services, and their workplaces should help them learn a wide range of skills. These skills can help them cope with the pressures they face. Thereby a successful transition from childhood to adulthood may be possible. Parents, as well as members of the community, must be very careful about them.

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