A Village Doctor Paragraph – Short and Simple English Paragraph Writing

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#1  Imagine you have seen a village doctor. Write a paragraph about a village doctor by answering the

following questions.


(a) Who is a village doctor?

 (b) What is his qualification?

 (c) How is his dispensary?

 (d) How is his treatment?

(e) What are his social functions?



A Village Doctor Paragraph For HSC Students 


A village doctor is a well-known person who renders medical service to the villagers. A village doctor usually does not have higher knowledge of medicine and treatment. Very few of them may have a short course on the primary knowledge of this profession. Most of them become village doctors after serving for several years as an assistant in a dispensary. A village doctor is a person to whom the villagers come to have treatment. Sometimes he has to go to the house of a patient who is severely ill. Though he cannot perform major operations, he offers the villagers a ready service. His dispensary, though not rich in medicine, contains the medicines which are very necessary. A village doctor is honorable among the villagers as he renders them a helpful service at any time. He is somewhat responsible for the health condition of the villagers. Therefore, he should be given more practical training by the government for the better treatment of the villagers.


#2 Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on A Village Doctor’

(a) Who is a village doctor? 

(b) Where is his dispensary? 

(c) How long does the work? 

(d) How is he to the village people? 

(e) What service does he render? 


A Village Doctor Paragraph For SSC Students


The person from whom village people take the medical treatment is usually known as a village doctor. In other words, a village doctor is he who deals with the health-related issues of the village people. A village doctor sets up his dispensary at his home or in the village market or at any turn of the village. His dispensary is poorly decorated with a few worn-out chairs, benches, and two or three almirahs of drugs. He is to work almost all day because almost all the patients of the village come to him. Even sometimes he is to treat patients at mid or, deep night because. many fall ill at that time. So, he cannot maintain any schedule strictly to treat his patient. To the village people, he is very honorable and trusted. It is the village doctor who is the only help for the village people when they become ill. He treats his patients with sincere care. He also consoles and encourages his patients when they are hopeless and nervous. So, the service he renders is really immense. Sometimes his service charge is not paid duly. Yet, he does not lack any sincerity for his patients.


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