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write a paragraph on ‘Your Visit to a ‘Trade Fair’ based on the answers to the following questions.


a) What is a trade fair? 

b) Have you visited a trade fair? 

c) What did you see there? 

d) How was the arrangement of the fair? 

e) What is the benefit of a trade fair?



My Visit to a Trade Fair Paragraph For HSC Students 


A trade fair is an event at which many companies gather to exhibit and sell their respective products for a certain period of time. The fair takes a splendid outlook and impresses the visitors. I along with my father went to a trade fair two months ago. This fair was held at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar and it lasted for one month. Reaching the fair premises, 1 was really astonished to see the crowd of people, A lot of people were going through a procession to enter the fair. I stayed at the fair for about an hour. Inside the fair, I saw hundreds of pavilions that were made conspicuously. They were colorfully and beautifully decorated. I was highly impressed by this beautiful sight. People were busy bargaining, selling and observing, and moving from the pavilion to pavilion. In front of some pavilions, attractive superstores were made temporarily to attract customers. There I found some objects which are very rare in a common market. I bought a mobile set from the fair. After visiting all the pavilions my father took me to a fast food shop. There we took some delicious food. About 50 countries participated in this fair. The fair plays an important role in the economic development of Bangladesh as many indigenous products are displayed and sold in the Trade Fair. These products also draw the attention of the foreign traders and the manufacturers of our country. It also helps in giving the international market a good idea of our products. It certainly has economic significance.


#2 Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on A Trade Fair’


(a) What is a trade fair? 

(b) What is its economic value? 

(c) What is the objective of a trade fair? 

(d) What was the occásion of the fair? 

(e) Where was it held? 

(f) What kinds of things were placed there? 

(g) How was the environment? 

(h) What experience did you gather by visiting the fair? 


A Trade Fair Paragraph For SSC Students 


A trade fair is a fair for the display of industrial products to the foreign buyers to get them acquainted with exportable goods óf the country. The economic value of the trade fair is very great. The objective of a tradé fair is to get the foreign buyers acquainted with the exportable products. of the host country. It helps to earn foreign exchange. It is a gigantic fair. It is organized by the industrialists and the tradesmen. I visited a trade fair. It was held at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar in Dhaka last year. I went to the fair with my uncle at 3 p.m. At first, my uncle bought two tickets. Entering the fair I was very amazed. Hundreds of stalls were sét up in rows under the banners of different countries. About 36 countries took part in this fàir. They displayed their goods in an attractive manner to draw the attention of the customers. Works of arts, crafts, handicrafts, agriculture, industry, and many other things were displayed at different corners of the fair. Crowds of people visited the fair and bought their necessities. The environment was highly jubilant and jovial. It gave me an experience of joy and delight and hope and confidence. It gave me an idea that our developing country is steadily marching towards industrial progress.

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