Rice Composition Writing For All Class Students

Rice Composition Writing For All Class Students. write a composition on ‘Rice’ in 250 words.



                                      RICE Composition Writing

Rice is a kind of food grain. It is obtained from paddy. It is our ștaple food. People from many countries of the world also live on it.


Rice grows well in Bangladesh, India, China, Japan, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, and Philippines. It grows well in hot and moist climates.


In our country, there are three types of rice. They are Aush, Amon, and Boro. At present, a new kind of paddy is grown in Bangladesh. It is called Irri. This paddy grows in plenty here. Among them Amon is fine and the other three are coarse.

After rainfall, the soil becomes soft. The farmers till the land with ploughs. Paddy seeds are sown in a small plot of land. When they grow into plants, they are planted again in the large fields. After two months, paddy comes out. After three months paddy ripens. Then it is harvested when it ripens.


In the month of Baishakh, the seeds of Aush are sown. It ripens in Shravan or Bhadra. Amon ripens in Agrahayan or Poush. The Boro rice grows in the spring season. Irri grows thrice in a year.


After harvesting, the paddy is separated from the straw by beating or thrashing. When the paddy is dried and husked, we get ‘atap’ rice. When it is boiled, dried, and husked, we get boiled (Siddha) rice.

Various kinds of food like chira, muri, Khai, khichuri, polao, cakes, and payas are made from rice.


 Straw and bran are good fodders. We also use them as fuel and making roofs. We live on rice. It has a special appeal to us. Without it, we cannot live at all. So, we should take care of its growth and cultivation.



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