Write a Paragraph On My Favourite Teacher- Short Paragraph Writing

In this short and easy paragraph, You will learn A Paragraph On My Favourite TeacherI think You love this paragraph.





(a) Who is your favourite teacher? 
(b) How is his/her style of teaching? 
(c) Which method of teaching do you he/she follow? 
(d) What is his/her relation with his/her students? 
(e) How is his/her character? 
f)  How Does one evaluate him/her as a teacher?

My Favourite Teacher Paragraph For SSC / HSC Or,

The Teacher I Like Most

A person who teaches is called a teacher. Teaching is the noblest of all professions. A teacher is an asset to a country. I have come across many teachers in my student life. For all of them, Mr. Alam is my favorite teacher. He is a teacher of English. He is a BA in English and is trained in English teaching. He is a man of letters with profound knowledge of the English language. His teaching style is very much attractive and effective. When he takes his class, all the students listen to him with great attention. He makes us share our views and feelings with him. He makes our lessons interesting to us. He maintains an amiable relationship with all his students. His convincing power is very great. He can convince easily even the naughty students with his sweet lucid voice Besides, he is a man of principle with a good character. He never allows the students to adopt unfair means in the examination hall. He is very sincere, punctual, and honest. He never shows any excuse for performing his duties and responsibilities. He is very much culturally minded. All the cultural activities of our school are conducted under his direction. He is a skilled teacher and is dedicated to teaching. He loves and guides us like his sons. He always encourages us to learn new things. He is no doubt, an ideal teacher. He knows to rule and when to love. He is handsome both within and without. Because of all his extraordinary qualities, he is my favorite teacher.



          Essay On My Favourite Teacher


 In my school, I like and respect all the teachers. But among them, I like our English teacher most. I like Mrs. Amin because of her extraordinary qualities. She is very friendly and cordial with all her students and she works very hard for us too. She wants to find out our problems anyway. If anyone doesn’t understand any lesson, she tries her best to make the students understand again and again. If she finds anyone very weak, she gave him extra time out of the class. She maintains a connection with our guardians so that she can share our problems with them. Her world rounds centering us. We’re her family. To make the lessons interesting, she sometimes tells us a lot of interesting stories in her class. For this, I like them very much. We can depend on her not only for study-related matters but also for our other interests. Would that all the teachers could be like her!



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