Write A Paragraph On Your First Day At School – Short and Simple English Paragraph Writing

In this short and easy paragraph, You will learn A Paragraph On Your First Day At SchoolI think You love this paragraph.




Write a paragraph based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should provide as much detail as possible.


(a) Do you remember the first day at your college? 

(b) How did you feel when you entered the college campus on that day? 

(c) What classes did you attend? 

(d) Did you notice any differences between your school and your college? 

(e) Which things did you like about the college most?




My First Day at College Paragraph For HSC 


My first day at college is an important event in my life. To me, it is an unforgettable day. I can remember my first day at college very clearly. It was August 20, 2016. On the first day, I along with my father started for the college by a rickshaw. The college was about two kilometers away. When the college building came into my view, my heart leaped up with an obscure pleasure. We went to the notice board and took down the routine. When I entered the classroom, my father went away. The classroom was full. I took a seat beside my old classmate, Arif. After a few moments, a gentleman entered the class. We all stood up. He was a lecturer in English When we sat down, he called over our rolls. Then, he delivered a speech mainly on our responsibility as college students. Then, I attended Bangla and Computer classes. The teachers seemed very skilled. There was an interval between the two classes but in my school, there was no such recess. In the intervals, Arif and I walked around the buildings of the college. We entered the library and became astonished to see the vast collection of books. I liked it most and applied for its membership. After finishing all classes, I returned home with a sense of duty and liberty.



#2 Answer the following questions to write a parágraph on Your First Day at School.


(a) What was your preparation for this day? 

(b) How did your classmates behave?

 (c) What was your feeling? 

 (d) How do you feel when you remember the day? 


My First Day at School /A Memorable Day/Event in My Life For SSC Students 


Now, I am sixteen and a student of class tên. But once I had to go through an experience of the first day at school, I was then a boy of six. My mother made me bathe and dressed me properly. My father took me to a school a little far from ours. village. That day I was in a very happy mood. When we reached the school field. some little boys came towards us. They all were unfamiliar. My father took me to the offiçe-room and I was admitted as a student of class one. Then I was taken to a classroom. My father introduced me to the boys. The unfamiliar faces stared at me strangely and some whispered something to one another. The bell rang. My father left the class and a teacher entered. He called out my name last of all and introduced me to the class. He blessed me and advised me to be attentive to my lessons. He gave me some more pieces of advice which éver guided me to the right way. I enjoyed my first class very much. The lesson was on the Bangla alphabet. I learned some letters instantly. On that day I entered into a new life in which I am still now. Every moment of that day filled me with unknown pleàsure. 1 felt a slight tremble. Perhaps my heart was under a process of eternal expansion. When the school broke, I went out with a rush of little boys as if I were out in a wider world. My heart still sinks a bit when I remember the day.


My First Day at School Paragraph’ For Jsc Student

I was then a boy of seven. In the night prior to my admission, my father told me that I was going to be admitted to a school. I felt both joy and fear. The next day, went to a school with my father. My father took me to the headmaster’s room. The headmaster asked me my name and some other questions. At first, I felt a bit nervous. Later, I gathered courage and replied to the questions of the headmaster quite well. The headmaster was pleased with my performance and admitted me to class two. Then he called the class teacher Mr. Anwar who took me to the class. The class teacher introduced me to other boys in the class. At first, I felt aloof and helpless. But I was able to cope with the situation in a short time. Since then many days and years have passed by, but my first-day át of school still peeps in my memory with pleasure.

‘First Day at School  Paragraph’ For Class 3,4,5,6,7,(বিদ্যালয়ের প্রথম দিন)


The first day at school is an important event. There may be many stages in our academic learning. None can forget the childhood memories, especially the early days in school. Still, I can remember the first day of my school life very clearly when I was six years old. On that day my father told me to get ready to go to school. I became very happy. I was a bit nervous as well. I was thinking about what the teachers and the students were going to be like. However, we entered the Headmaster’s room. He welcomed me very cordially. He asked me for some Bengali and English letters. I was able to answer all the questions perfectly: The Headmaster became very happy. Then he called the class teacher and introduced me to her. He told the class teacher to take me to the classroom. I saw that the teachers and the students were very friendly. I must not forget the memory of the day.


First day at School Paragraph Video


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