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In this short and easy paragraph, You will learn My Parents ParagraphI think You love this paragraph.






Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on “Your Parents”


a) What are the names of your parents? 

b ) What do they do?

(c) How do they take care of you? 

(d) How dearly do you love and respect them? 

(e) What is your duty towards them? (তাদের প্রতি তােমার কর্তব্য কী?)


My Parents Paragraph For SSC/HSC Students 


The persons I like and love most are my parents. I have every reason to feel proud of them. The names of my parents are Mr. Karim Ahmed and Mrs. Amina Begum respectively. Both of them are well-educated. My father is an MA. My mother is a BA. My father is the Headmaster of a high school and my mother is an ideal housewife. Both of my parents are satisfied with their work. My father has been working as a headteacher for twenty years. He never neglects his duty nor my mother ‘ever expresses dissatisfaction in doing household work. She looks after the family with great care. She does her best for the welfare of our family. She loves to do the household works with her own hand. She always cooks food for our family. Both of my parents love me very much. All their thoughts and activities are to make me a well-educated man. They always advise me to be an honest man. They become very anxious when I fall ill. They remain by my bed all the time during this time. I love them very much. I never displease them with any of my works. ‘I love them because they are the best human beings to me. I always try not to hurt them with my words or behavior. They are my heart and soul. I always thank Allah for being a child of such parents.


Write a paragraph on ‘Your Parents’ in about 150 words answering the following questions.

(a) Who is your father? 

(b) What is he?

(c) What’s your mother’s name? 

(d) What is she? 

(e) What do they do for you? 

(f) How much do you love them?



                 MY PARENTS  Paragraphs For JSC


The name of my father is Mr. Abdul Hakim and the name of my mother is Mst. Shamima Akter. My father is a doctor. He works in a hospital. My mother is a lecturer in a college. Despite doing government service my father spends much time in social activities. Whenever he gets time, he goes to our village home and gives free treatment to the people. My mother is also involved in different social works especially in helping distressed poor women. She looks after our family very sincerely. She loves us very dearly. She does every household work. She takes great care of all of us. She is ready to sacrifice her own happiness for our happiness. She hopes to see us happy even at the cost of her life. Her anxiety knows no bounds if we fall ill. She doesn’t enjoy a wink of sleep. But her face beams with joy when we come round. She keeps our house neat and clean. My father also takes care of us. I like my parents very much. I hold my parents in profound respect. I am greatly indebted to my parents.



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    YOUR PARENTS Paragraph For Class 3,4,5,6,7


Parents are the source of our life on earth. Hence we owe our life to them. I have also parents. They are both educated. Father works in a band, mother works at home. She feeds us every day. She looks after our health care. She also teaches us at home. They love us very dearly. We also love them with our hearts. They always work hard for our betterment. They also look after our happiness. They can sacrifice all for us.



 My Parents  Paragraph Video



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