My Childhood Memories Essay and Composition Writing For All Class students

 My Childhood Memories Essay and Composition. Write a composition on ‘Your Childhood Memories’ in 250 words.







The memories in childhood are the most memorable in a man’s life. Some of them are joyful and some are painful. The memories remain ever fresh in our minds. They give us delight and joy. They are the golden time. Whenever I remember those days, I become excited and overjoyed.


I could remember the playground which was behind our house. I always used to play there with my friends. Some of my friends and I used to row on the river, jump into it and swim in it. Sometimes we caught fish by a hook. The memory of stealing fruits is still ever fresh in my mind. I along with my friends stole mangoes, litchis, blackberries, and other fruits. One day some of my friends and I went to steal mangoes from a tree. But the owner of the tree caught us red-handed. We were trembling with fear. But the man did nothing. He only advised us not to do it again I shall never forget this memory.


The memory of the first day at school is still fresh in my mind. My father took me to the nearest primary school for admission. I was taken to the Headmaster’s room. At first, I got frightened. The Headmaster asked me some questions. I could answer them properly. I was admitted into class one and I went to attend my class. My classmates received me cordially.


All of my memories are not joyful. Some are also painful and touching. The death of my grandmother is one of them. One morning I heard the sound of crying from my grandmother’s living room. I rushed there. I saw my grandmother lying on her bed with a white sheet covering it. I could understand that she was no more in the world. I was greatly shocked and I also wept. I will never forget this sad event.


The days had passed a long time ago. But still, I can remember them. They are in my heart. Some of the past memories give me pleasure and enjoyment. I wish I could get them back again.




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