Early Rising Paragraph For All Class Student – Paragraph writing For JSC,SSC,HSC

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Paragraph On Early Rising For All Class  Student – Paragraph writing For JSC, SSC, HSC


Early Rising Paragraph



Write a paragraph on ‘Early Rising’ based on the answers to the following questions.


(e) What is a proverb about early rising? 

(b) How is Nature then? 

(c) What should we do to rise early in the morning? 

(d) What are the benefits of it? 

(e) What are the bad effects of it?


Early Rising Paragraph For HSC 


Early rising is a matter of positive habit and undoubtedly one of the best. It means that we should get up from bed early in the morning to enable ourselves to be ready for a new day. This fact, when made into a regular habit, will surely lead us to a world of bliss and prosperity. A proverb says “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Early rising has many benefits. The man who rises early in the morning can take some exercises or a walk in the fresh air by the riverside or in the open field. It makes our minds fresh and lively. Early in the morning nature seems quiet and calm. No hue and cry are heard then. Nature smiles in the morning with colorful flowers and green leaves and birds begin to chirp. The beautiful gifts and colorful nature in the morning remind everybody of the Creator. One feels like to pray to the Almighty. But it is not easy to attain this quality. Late-night sleeping does not help in early rising. So, to rise early from bed, we have to go to bed early. An early riser enjoys the surroundings very much and gets enough time to do his work either in study or in other work, which will bring him success. On the contrary, if one gets up late, the schedule of his work becomes interrupted. Above all, early rising keeps us healthy and cheerful. For all these reasons, we all should cultivate the habit of early rising.


# Write a paragraph on The Importance of Early Rising’, answering the following questions: 

(a) What is early rising? 

(b) How is early rising beneficial to good health? 

(c) Why is it important for the students? 

(d) In what other ways does early rising helps us? (অন্য কী কী উপায়ে ভােরে ওঠা আমাদেরকে সাহায্য করে?)

(e) How can we form the habit of early rising?    


                 Early Rising Paragraph For SSC


‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’-goes an English proverb that vividly depicts the importance of early rising. It is a good habit and is directly related to good health. An early-riser can enjoy the fresh air of the early morning and it is highly beneficial to both body and mind. Hè can enjoy the calm, cool and serene atmosphere. He gets enough time to perform his daily routine. He can take some physical exercises which help him (to) build a sound body. He can enjóy the beauty of nature. Many a flower blooms in the morning and gives out fragrance in the air. Birds come out of their nests chirping and fly to somewhere else in flocks. The mild and sweet beam of the rising sun enlightens nature, And an early-riser can enjoy all these. He starts his daily activities early and finishes in time. He never has to make, haste. An early-riser enjoys sound health and can earn more. One who seeks knowledge should rise early because the advantages available in the early morning are helpful for a knowledge seeker. So early rising is a must for everybody who seeks a happy life.


  Early Rising Paragraph For Class 5,6,7,8

Early rising is a good form of habit. It means the habit of getting up from bed very early in the morning. It is essential to keep good health. It is also good for the mind because there is a close connection between health and the mind. There are many benefits of early rising. A man can breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature if he gets up early in the morning. Nature appears calm and serene in the early morning. Early in the morning, the atmosphere is soothing and charming. So the early risers can enjoy the healthy atmosphere of nature. An early riser has more time to work and thus earns more. As a result, an early riser can become wealthy. So Early rising is a habit that can help a man become healthy, wealthy, and wise. As a result, everyone should develop the habit of rising early from a young age.

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