Dangers Of Smoking Paragraph Writing – Short and Simple Paragraph

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Dangers Of Smoking Paragraph Writing


A paragraph based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should provide as
detail as possible.
a) what is smoking?
(b) Who and how do people start smoking?
(c) What kind of habit is smoking?
(d) What harms may it cause?
(e) What does one puff of cigarette contain?
(f) What troubles can it cause to our eyes, nose
Thai mind?
(g) What is its effect on non-smokers?
(h) Why should all avoid it?

Smoking Or Dangers of Smoking Paragraph writing

For SSC HSC Students

Smoking means a kind of practice where tobacco is burnt and the smoke tasted or inhaled. The most common form of smoking is through cigarettes. In medical terms, smoking is ʻrecreational drug use’. So, people generally noke for recreation. Smokers feel that smoking releases them from mental pressure. One may become addicted to smoking influenced by some bad company. Young people, sometimes, take one or two cigarettes out of curiosity, and later, they become addicted to it. There is no doubt that smoking is a very bad habit. It is very dangerous too. It may cause high blood pressure, chronic lungs troubles, cancer, heart attack, and other serious diseases. One puff of cigarette smoke contains fifteen billion particles of serious harmful substances. They are nicotine, methyl alcohol, carbon monoxide, tar, formaldėhyde, some acids, etc. These are very harmful to our health. Besides, smoking causes irritation in our eyes, offend our noses and unsettle our minds. Another major problem of smoking is that when we smoke publicly, the smoke of our cigarettes affects the non-smokers seriously. The statistic shows that most of the chain smokers die untimely due to painful lungs cancer or mouth cancer. In fact, the dangers of smoking are quite unlimited. It also causes a great waste of money. Recently, smoking in public places like hospitals, offices, buses, trains, etc has been declared a punishable offense. The administration should be active to implement- the law. As responsible citizens, we all should avoid smoking to form a happy and healthy society.



Writing a paragraph on ‘Dangers of Smoking’ in about 150 words answering the following questions.

(a) Is smoking a bad habit? 

(b) What are the harmful effects of smoking? 

(c) What steps have been taken by the government to discourage smoking? 

(d) Is a social campaign necessary against smoking?


         DANGERS OF SMOKING Paragraph writing For Jsc


Smoking is a bad habit. This bad habit has numerous negative consequences. The most dangerous effect is that it causes serious health hazards. A smoker increases his or her chances of having a heart attack, stroke, or cancer. She/He usually suffers from various kinds of respiratory diseases like bronchitis, asthma, and coughing. Nonsmokers are also injured when a smoker smokes in front of them. People smoke despite knowing the harmful effects of smoking, which is an irony. In fact, smoking is a serious addiction. It becomes very difficult to give up this habit. Recently Government has taken some steps to discourage smoking and protect non-smokers from being affected by smokers. A law prohibiting smoking in public places has been enacted. It is necessary to launch a social campaign against smoking in order to raise public awareness of the dangers of smoking.



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