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Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on ‘A Winter Morning’.

(a) How is a winter morning? 

(b) How do animals feel? 

(c) How do people feel in a winter morning?

 (d) When do people get up? 

(e) What do children and people do on a winter morning? 

(f) What kinds of food do people eat?


A Winter Morning paragraph For HSC Students 


Of the six seasons, winter is undoubtedly the coldest season in Bangladesh. There remains dense fog all around in winter. Sometimes, the fog is so dense that the sun’s rays cannot get through it. Everything looks hazy. As a result, a communication system is disrupted. And it causes much hardship to the people. Sometimes, cold waves blow throughout the country. When the sun rises, the old and the children enjoy basking in the sun to get rid of cold. The dewdrops fall on the grass and the leaves sparkle like pearls in the rays of the morning sun. This scene makes the earth look attractive. The date juice sellers become busy selling date juice from door to door. People from all walks of life, especially the villagers enjoy eating native. cakes which are called ‘Pithas’ in Bangla. The scene of a winter morning is very transitory. This scene starts disappearing as the day advances.


Answer the following questions to write a paragraph On “A Winter Morning” 

a) How is a winter morning 

(b) Why can people not see things from distance on a winter morning? 

(c} What do the old people and children do to make themselves warm? 

(d) What are the interesting foods of people on a winter morning? 

(e) Do you like winter mornings? Why? 

A Winter Morning paragraph For SSC

A winter morning. so to say represents the entire winter. Dense fog and biting cold characterize a typical winter morning. Dense fog hides the beautiful scenario of sunrise and keeps on fighting against the sun’s rays. Nature looks hazy and the situation goes on until it is well past morning or, sometimes, nearly noon. As a result, even things at a little distance can hardly be seen, let alone things at a great distance. A few birds chirp and charm us. Animals also fall victim to extreme cold. They come out late. People in towns and villages believe differently on a winter morning. Village people usually get up early while urban people rise late. Unlike Iaribxam people, village people gather straw and dry leaves and make fires to warm themselves. People busk in the Sum in villages while it is a rare phenomenon in towns. On a winter morning, children are the early-risers. People wear warm clothes. according to their affordability. The poor suffer a lot. On a winter morning. people enjoy delicious cakes, date-juice. payes’ of date-juice and many other tasty food-items. When the sun rises. dewdrops in grass or on’ leaves of trees glitter, the fog disappears, temperature increases and thus the morning enters into midday. 1 like a winter morning because it is unique and different from the morning. of the other seasons and with all its merits and demerits it is worth enjoying.

# Write a paragraph on ‘ Winter Morning ‘ in about 150 words answering the following questions. 
(a) How many seasons are there in Bangladesh?
(b) When does winter come?
(c) What happens in the winter morning? 
(d) Is it liked by all?

A WINTER MORNING Paragraph For Jsc

Winter is one of the six seasons in Bangladesh. It appears before us for a period of time. Nature changes for its arrival. It is the coldest season in our country. It comes after Autumn. A winter morning is misty and foggy. There is dense fog everywhere, Sometimes nothing even the sun-rays can be seen because of thick fog. The rays of the sun can’t pass through it. The leaves of trees and grass are covered with dew. They look like glittering pearls as soon as it falls on them. People get up late from bed. Different kinds of sweetmeats and pithas are prepared with date juice during this season. It is a curse for poor people. They don’t have warm clothes. So they suffer in coldness. Poor children gather straws and make fires to warm themselves. Yet a winter morning is the change of season. Birds sing a melodious song. The winter morning is enjoyable in many respects.

A Winter Morning in Bangladesh  For Class 5,6,7

Winter is the coldest season in our country. So naturally, a winter morning becomes a very cold one. It’s usually a foggy morning. Sometimes the fog is so dense that nothing can be seen even at a little distance. Nature looks gloomy and everything looks hazy. The poor village people and the slum-dwellers in cities suffer greatly for want of warm clothes. They make a fire with leaves and hay to warm them. When the sun rises, they bask in the sun to get rid of the cold. The date juice sellers are often found selling date juice from door to door. It’s really enjoyable to have a glass of this sweet drink. People are often late for their work and duties due to foggy weather and severe cold.
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