A Village Market Paragraph 250 words – For All level Students [JSC,SSC,HSC]

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Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on “A Village Market”

(a) What is village market?

(b) Where and when does it sit?

(c) What things are bought and sold there?

(d) How are shops arranged?

(e) What is its importance to the villagers?


A Village Market Paragraph For SSC / Hsc


A village market is a place where villágers meet to buy and sell things. It is a useful buying and selling centre for the villagers. It generally sits at an open place on thẻ outskirt of a village by the side of a river, a canal or a road. There are two kinds of village markets. Many of them sit once or twice a week. These are called hats. Again big and rich villages have daily bazars. Hats usually sit in the evening while bazars sit in the morning and continue till mid-day. There are permanent and temporary shops in a village market. The market has many shops sit outside under the open sky. Rice, vegetables, fish, poultry and homemade things are bought and sold in the market. Fish and betel leaves have the largest sale. A village market is the meeting place of the villagers. They also get news and views from here.



                  A VILLAGE MARKET Paragraph For Class 4,5,6,7

Generally, a village market is held in an open space in the center of the village or by the side of rivers and banks. The village paths lead to the marketplace. There are daily markets in a village. In our village, there is a daily market. There are two kinds of markets, the daily or weekly hat. Even markets are held two times a day in the village. Especially in the morning or in the evening. A hat is not held like a market daily. There are various kinds of shops in a village market. The villagers get from the market rice, dal, oil, vegetables, fish, meat, and other daily necessaries of their daily lives. Villagers come to a village market with their produced products to sell. Businessmen carry on business in the village market. A village market is the most important place to the villagers.




            A VILLAGE MARKET Paragraph For Jsc, Ssc, Hsc


A village market is an important buying and selling place for the villagers. It usually stands at the centre of the village. There are two kinds of village markets the daily market and the weekly market. The daily market sits daily in the morning. The weekly market sits twice a week in the afternoon and continues till late in the evening. Mainly three categories of shops are seen in the village market. They are permanent shops, temporary shops, and open space shops. Again there are different sections of the village market. They are the fish market, the vegetable market, the rice market, the fruits market, and so on. The fish and vegetables markets are the most noisy and crowded places in the market. The village market is of great use and importance to the villagers. Here the villagers get almost all the necessary things of their daily use. So the village market saves the villagers from the trouble of going to distant places to by things of their daily use and to sell the things they have more than they need.




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