A Street Hawker paragraph – Short and Simple English Paragraph Writing


In this short and easy paragraph, You will learn A Street Hawker paragraphI think You love this paragraph.




Write a paragraph on ‘A Street Hawker’ by answering the following questions.

(a) Who is a street hawker?

 (b) Where does he usually live?

 (c) How does he earn his livelihood?

 (d) How does he attract the customers?

 (e) How is his lifestyle?




A Street Hawker Paragraph For HSC Students 


A street hawker is a man who moves from place to place to sell his goods. He is seen mostly in the morning. Generally, he sells various items like toys, clothes, fruits, vegetables, and so on. Sometimes, he sells newspapers. He shouts the names of the items he sells. Children are fond of him because sometimes he wears a strange dress, sings songs or plays on a flute. He walks along roads and streets from dawn to dusk. He is a man of dignity because he earns his bread by means of his honest toil. The service that a street hawker renders to our society is great. He presents the goods that we need daily before our house. He sells his goods at cheaper rates. But sometimes he cheats simple customers. So, we should be careful of the street hawkers who are cheats. He lives from hand to month and leads a simple life. However, as a whole, a street hawker should never be neglected. We should respect his hard labour and never look down upon him.



Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on “A Street Hawker”.


(a) Who is a Street Hawker? 

(b) Where does he usually live? 

(c) How does he earn his livelihood? 

(d) How does he attract his customers? 

(e) How is his lifestyle?

A Street Hawker / The Life of a Street Hawker paragraph For JSC SSC

A street hawker is a commonly sighted person in the streets of big cities and towns. He sells his goods with interesting cries in order to draw the attention of his customers. Generally, he lives in a slum or in a poor hut in a village. He earns his livelihood by selling various things and working hard from morning to evening He generally offers toys, fruits, biscuits, vegetables, ice-creams, cakes, laces, clothes, utensils, etc. On the contrary, there are other kinds of hawkers as well who buy, newspapers, blank pots and old books. Carrying the goods for sale in his hands or over his shoulders, he moves from door to door. Sometimes he goes from one street to another with his moving shop and he often causes problems on the foot-path. He knows the art of convincing. He wears a peculiar dress and shouts in a peculiar voice in order to attract his customers. Women and children are usually attracted by his calls. A street
hawker’s income is not sufficient, So he has to maintain his family through hardship.

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