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a) what is a school library? 

(b) Where is it situated?

(c) What kinds of books are there in your school library

(d) What is the use of your school library? 

(e) How can you borrow books from there? 

(f) What sorts of books do you borrow from the library?


Our School Library/ A School Library Paragraph For SSC /HSC 


A school library is a place where students can read various books, journals, periodicals, etc., and which helps a man to satisfy his unquenchable thirst for knowledge. It is generally situated in a separate building. Our school library has a big collection of books. It is indeed a storehouse of knowledge. It is housed on the 2nd floor of the academic building. It is well-furnished with enough chairs, tables, shelves, and almirahs. Books are arranged alphabetically and according to the branch of discipline they belong to. There are ‘approximately 12,000 books of various kinds. Among them are books.on science, social science, arts, and literature are prominent. A teacher of our school is in charge of thẹ library. He is assisted by a peon. Readers are amply benefited from their library. Many teachers, students, and employees visit this library regularly. They read books here and sometimes borrow books too. Books are issued to students for a period of one week without a fine, They need to produce their library cards. However, reference books are not allowed to be taken home. Generally, I borrow books on geography, sports, and world culture. We hope, in the future, our school library will be enriched with the ‘collection of new books and journals. I am proud of our school library.

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