A Railway Station Paragraph Writing For All Class Student

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Write a paragraph on ‘A Railway Station’ based on the answers to the following questions.
(a) What is a railway station?
(b) How is the building of it? 
(c) What are the rooms here? 
(d) What is about a railway line signal?
(e) How is the environment of a railway station?
(f) How does the station look when a train arrives at and leaves a station?

A Railway Station Paragraph For  HSC 

A railway station is a very important place for railway communication. It is a place where trains stop and start from. The passengers of a train get into or get down from a train at a railway station. It has one or more red buildings. They are generally made of bricks. From a distance, one can see the green and red signals and red buildings of a station. It has several rooms. Some of them are the waiting rooms for male and female passengers. There is a ticket counter, a booking office for goods, the station master’s room, some tea stalls, bookstalls, etc, in a railway station. The stationmaster is all in all in a station. He is assisted by a number of other staff, railway police, and guards. Here, many hawkers are found shouting the names of their goods selling them. Here, railway porters are found looking for the passengers to carry their goods. In every railway station, there are two or more railway lines. Near the station, there are two signal posts with red and green signals. The point man maintains the signals. He also moves along the platform with red and green flags in his hand. Just outside the station, there are stands for rickshaws, auto-rickshaws, and other vehicles. Before the arrival of a train, the passengers collect their tickets standing in a queue. The ticket counter is generally opened half an hour before the arrival of the train. When a train arrives, the station becomes busy and noisy, Some passengers get onto the train and some passengers get down from it. They push one another to go ahead, When the train leaves, the station becomes calm and quiet sometimes it looks like a deserted place.

Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on ‘A Railway Station’

(a) What is a railway station? 

(b) What is the use of it? 

(c) What do the passengers do here? 

(d) How does the station look when a train arrives at and leaves a station? 

(e) What is the significance of a railway station? 

A Railway Station paragraph For SSC /HSC Students 

A railway station is a place where trains stop and start from. Passengers get on the train and get down from the train there. It has a platform for the passengers. In a big railway station, there is a shed over the platform but at a small station, it is open. A railway station has its master’s office, a booking office, and waiting rooms for men and women. There are restaurants, bookstalls and stationary shops in it. A railway station is always a crowded place. Passengers come and go there. People are found in a long line to buy tickets. They push one another to go ahead. When the train arrives, the station becomes a noisy place, but when the train whistles away, it becomes calm and quiet. The flagman moves with red and green flags. The hawkers shout. the vendors move, the porters walk to and fro and the beggars beg singing the religious chorus. Thus a railway station is a place of great noise. It has great significance because it is a melting pot for people from different walks of life and it keeps the entire nation moving forward.



Write a paragraph on ‘A Railway Station’ in about 150 words answering the following questions.


(a) What type of place is a railway station?

 (b) What do people wait there for?

 (c) Where do people stand for tickets? 

(d) When do people become busy? 

(e) When do trains leave for another station?






A railway station is a well-known place to us. It is an important place for train communication. It is a place where trains stop and start from. It is a busy place. It remains crowded. There is a platform. Passengers get into and get down from the train at the railway station. The building of a station usually is red brick built. There is a ticket counter, the booking office for goods, the station master’s room etc. People stand in a long queue to collect tickets. The pointsman waves his red and green flags to stop and start it again. Different kinds of shops are seen here. Hawkers sell different kinds of products to the customers. Sometimes pickpockets pick the passengers’ pockets. When trains come, people become busy to get into the train. Then the train whistles and leaves the station for another station. It becomes calm and quiet then. In fact a railway station plays an important role in our communication and transport in our everyday life.


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