A Bus Stand Paragraph Writing For All Class Student [ Updated In 2023 ]


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A Bus Stand Paragraph Writing For All Class Student


Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on A Bus-Stand.

(a) Where is the bus stand situated?

 (b) What is the necessity of this?

(c) Why is the bus stand a busy place? 

(d) What is the condition of an overcrowded bus? (একটা অত্যধিক জনাকীর্ণ বাসের অবস্থা কী?) 

(e) What type of hawkers are seen? (কী ধরনের ফেরিওয়ালা দেখা যায়?)


A Bus Stand Paragraph For SSC/HSC Student 


A bus stand is a place where buses board and onboard passengers. Generally, it stands at the outskirts of a town or city. It also stands in a town or city. Passengers wait here for buses. When a bus arrives here, some passengers get down from the bus and some passengers get into it. All-day long buses come and go. Passengers also come and go. Most bus stands have their sheds. Passengers wait or take a rest there. Bus helpers and conductors shout for passengers. Hawkers also shout and sell betel leaves, cigarettes, biscuits, chanachur, chocolates, drinking water, newspapers, etc. There are also some tea stalls and other stalls here. For all these, it is a very busy and noisy place. It is a very necessary place for passengers and buses. Here, passengers find their necessary buses, and buses also find their passengers. However, some pickpockets, muggers, and touts create trouble here. Most often it is a dirty, muddy, and unhealthy (or unhygienic) place. So steps should be taken to improve the condition of a bus stand.




Write a paragraph on ‘A Bus Stand’ in about 150 words answering the following questions.


(a) How is a bus stand? 

(b) When does it remain busy?

 (c) What do people wait there for?

 (d) When do I become calm and quiet? 

(e) When does it become busier again?




                              A BUS STAND Paragraph For Jsc

A bus stand is a well-known place. It is an important place for our everyday communication. It is a plače where buses stop and start from. It is seen in a city or a town. It is a very busy place. It remains busy all the time. There is a waiting room for the passengers in most of the bus stands. Passengers eagerly wait for the arrival of buses. In some bus stands there are counters for booking tịcket. Passengers stand in line to collect tickets. When buses arrive, people become busy and try to get into the buses and get down from the buses. There are different kinds of stalls. A tea stall is a common sight in a bus stand. Coolies are seen busy carrying loads. Hawkers are found selling betel leaf, cigarettes, and many other items. Magazines and seasonal fruits are also available here. When the buses leave the stand, it becomes quiet. But when another bus comes, it becomes busier again. Sometimes people quarrel with each other. Pickpockets to pick the passengers’ pockets. Yet a bus stand plays an important role in our communication and transport.



A Bus Stand Paragraph Writing For Class 3,4,5,6,7


Write a short paragraph About ‘A Bus Stand ‘. 


Answer the following questions in your paragraph.

(a) What is a bus stand?

(b) What happens on a bus stand?

 (c)  How is a bus stand? 

 (d)  What happens when a bus stops


(e) What do the hawkers do there? 

(f) What as you think about a bus stand?


                                   A BUS STAND paragraph

A bus stand is a halting-place for the buses. A bus ștand is a crowded place. A number of passengers wait there for the arrival of buses. The passengers get into buses and get down from the buses in a bus stand. When a bus stops in a bus stand some passengers try to get into it. A bus stand is the centre of busy activities. Some bus stands have shades. Shouts of helpers and conductors of the buses are heard in a bus stand. Hawkers sell betel leaf, bread, chanachur, newspapers, and fruits. They shout in a peculiar way to draw the attention of the passengers. There are also tea stalls in the bus stand. People waiting for the buses take tea. A bus stand is after all useful in a place.


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