Write a composition on Your First Day at School in 250 words.

Write a composition on Your First Day at School in 250 words.






The first day at school is one of the most important and memorable events in one’s life. None can forget such a day. It remains ever fresh in our mind, It’s a new experience at an early age. My first day at school is also memorable in my life. I become overwhelmed with joy whenever I remember the day. Everything appears before my eyes.


It was the 1 January of 2010. On that very day, my father took me to the nearest primary school of our locality in the morning. When I stepped inside the school compound, my heart began to beat. We entered the Headmaster’s room. He began by asking my name and a few other simple questions. I could answer all of them.

Then I was taken to the classroom just at 10.00 am Our class teacher Mr Khalilur Rahman appeared before us. We all stood up to show him our appreciation. The class lasted for 45 minutes and all the time he treated us as his friends and spoke in a polite manner. Finally, he gave us homework. When the bell rang, he left the class. I had four

other periods with a break of 30 minutes. All of my teachers were cautious, friendly, and helpful.

During the leisure period, the students were playing, laughing, loitering here and there, etc. My classmates were playing in the field. They invited me to join them. I joined them. After leisure, I attended the class again. The unknown boys became good friends with me. After school, I came back home.


My first day at school was full of fear, confusion, and enjoyment too. It was a new experience for me. Everything in the school appeared before me as joyful and interesting. It will remain evergreen in my heart.

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