3 Most Important English Composition Writing For All Class Students 2021

In this article, you will learn the 3 Most Important English Composition Writing For All Class Students 2021.







Write a composition on  ‘Your Childhood Memories‘ in 250 words.





                                          MY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES


Childhood memories are the most memorable in a man’s life; some are joyful, while others are painful. The memories remain ever fresh in our minds. They give us delight and joy. They are the golden time. Whenever I remember those days, I become excited and overjoyed.


I may keep in mind the playground that was behind our house. I am continuously accustomed play there with my friends. a number of my friends and that I was accustomed to rowing on the stream, jump into it and swim in it. Sometimes we caught fish by a hook.


The memory of stealing fruits remains ever recent in my mind. I along with my friends stole mangoes, litchis, blackberries, and other fruits. My friends and I went to steal mangoes from a tree one day. However, the tree’s owner caught us red-handed. We were trembling with fear. But the man did nothing. He only advised us not to do it again I shall never forget this memory.


The memory of the primary day at college continues to be recent in my mind. I was taken to the Headmaster’s room. At first, I got frightened. The Headmaster asked me some questions. I could answer them properly. I was admitted into class one and I went to attend my class. My classmates received me cordially.


All of my memories are not joyful. Some are also painful and touching. The death of my granny is one in every of them. I heard crying coming from my grandmother’s living room one morning. I rushed there. I saw my gran lying on her bed with a white sheet covering it. I could understand that she was no more in the world. I was greatły shocked and I also wept. 


The days had passed a long time ago. But still, I can remember them. They are in my heart. Some of the past memories give me pleasure and enjoyment. I wish I could get them back again.





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Write a composition in a Newspaper in 250 words


                                       NEWSPAPER  Or, THE ROLE OF NEWSPAPER


Newspaper comes from the word ‘NEWS’. It means N-north, E-east, W-west, and S-south. Newspaper collects news from every corner of the world. We get news happening in twenty-four hours around the world through newspapers. It increases our knowledge. We see the real picture of our surroundings in a newspaper. It is an important part of our everyday life.


The origin of a newspaper is old. It is said that China first brought out newspapers. It is also said that the newspaper was first published during the reign of Queen Elizabeth in England. “The India Gazette” published in 1774 was the first newspaper in the Indian sub-continent. *“The Samachar Darpan” was the first Bengali newspaper.


There are many kinds of newspapers. These are dailies, bi-weeklies, weeklies, monthlies, etc. Like the dailies. they also deal with literature, art, music, religion, films, games, and sports. They publish articles, essays, poems, and comments on important current events. There are many kinds of daily and weekly English and Bangla newspapers in our country. Among them the Ittefaq, the Jonakantha, the Prothom Alo, the Bangladesh Observer, and the Daily Star are well-known.


Newspaper brings news from home and abroad. It helps to develop our knowledge about sports, literature, culture, economics, science and technology, and all branches of knowledge. One can get any kind of news from here. Businessmen can get information and knowledge from it. Students become acquainted with recent information and enrich their knowledge. They can remain in constant touch with the fast-changing world which helps them develop their outlook and attitude towards life in general.


A newspaper is not free from evils. Sometimes it publishes false news or partisan news. It exaggerates news. It excites public feelings.


It is obviously said that we can’t help thinking even a moment without a newspaper. Today’s modern life is beyond possible without it. It is the. mirror of our society. The fearless criticism of newspapers guides, the government to maintain the popularity incorrect order. Above all, the newspaper is the best medium to know information around the world.


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Write a composition on ‘A Journey by Bus‘ in 250 words.


                                         A JOURNEY BY BUS


A bus is a quicker means of communication and a journey by bus is really enjoyable and exciting. It gives us pleasure and amusement. It refreshes our minds and removes the monotony of our daily life. Whenever I get free time, I make a journey by bus. It removes my boredom and gives me strength.


In last summer vacation, I got a chance to make a journey by bus. My cousin requested me to pay a visit to their house in Rajshahi. I accepted the invitation gladly and made a tour by bus.


On the fixed day, I reached Saidabad Bus Stand at about 7:00 am, The stand was very crowded. Somehow! managed to buy my ticket. I took my seat. After a few minutes, the bus began to move on. At first, it moved on slowly. Then it began to move at full speed.


I looked outside through the window. There were green fields on both sides of the road. Trees and houses seemed to run behind. I saw the farmers working in the field and cattle grazing in the field. I enjoyed those scenes and sights with a cheerful mind. I saw the hills. All these pleased me very much.


At last, the bus reached Rajshahi at 2:00 pm. I got down off the bus and saw my cousin. He came to receive me. He became very pleased to see me. The journey was a great source of enjoyment to me. I enjoyed the journey. 


It gave me an opportunity to see nature with my own eyes. It will remain ever fresh in my heart.



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