150 Most Important Phrasal Verbs/Group Verbs With Bengali Meaning And Sentence

 150 Most Important Phrasal Verbs/Group Verbs With Bengali Meaning And Sentence

Most Important Phrasal Verbs With Bengali Meaning


150 Most Important PHRASAL VERBS :


1. Act Against (বিপক্ষে কাজ করা) – Please, don’t act against my interest.

2. Act for ( কারো পক্ষে কাজ করা)- He acted for me during my absence. 

3. Act on (পালন করা)- I acted on my Sister’s advice.

4. Act up to (আশানুরূপ কাজ করা)– A son should act up to his father’s expectation.

5. Bear a hand (সহায়তা করা)– All of us will bear a hand in your noble work. 

6. Bear away (জয়লাভ করা)– He bore away the prize.

7. Bear down ( দমন করা)– He bore down all oppositions.

8. Bear off (প্রতিযোগিতায় জয়লাভ করা )-Shahadat bore off a prize in the Annual Sports.

9.  Bear on ( প্রভাবিত করা)- The character and behaviour of parents bear on their children.

10.Bear with ( সহ্য করা)-I can not bear with such conduct.

11. Blow away (উড়িয়ে নেওয়া )– The strong wind blew away all dry leaves.

12.  Blow down (ভূমিসাৎ করা) The storm blew down many trees.

13. Blow off ( নির্গত করা)- An engine blows off steam.

14.Blow out (নিভানো)- The wind blew out the lamp.

15. Blow over (বয়ে যাওয়া)  A little storm blew over his mind.


16. Break away (পলায়ন করা )-The prisoner broke away from the prison.

17. Break down (ভেঙে পড়া) -My health broke down under the pressure of work.

18.  Break forth (হঠাৎ প্রকাশ হওয়া)  The tiger broke forth from the bush.

19. Break in (শিক্ষা দেওয়া )- The farmer broke the bull in.

20. Break off (থামা)- He broke off in the middle of the story.

21. Break out (প্রাদুর্ভাব হওয়া) Famine has broken out in our village.

22. Break through (জোর করে পথ করা) – Our soldiers broke through the enemy line.

23. Break up (বন্ধ বা ছুটি হওয়া )- Our school breaks up every day at 4:30 pm.

24. Break with (বিচ্ছেদ ঘটা) I  broke with him for his misconduct.

25.  Bring about (ঘটানো)- He has brought about a change in the Company. 

26. Bring forth (উৎপাদন করা)-The timely rain brings forth good crops.

27. Bring on (ঘটায়)– Smoking brings on various diseases.

28. Bring out (ছাপিয়ে বের করা) The school magazine was brought out in time.

29. Bring round (ভালো হওয়া)- The patient was brought round through proper treatment.

30. Bring up (প্রতিপালন করা).- We were brought up by our parents. 


31. Call for (চাওয়া)- The student was called for an explanation by the Headmaster.

32.  Call in (ডেকে পাঠানো )- Please, call in a doctor at once.

33.  Call on (সাক্ষাৎ করা )-Mr. Russell Mullick called on me last evening.

34. Call over (নাম ডাকা )- The teacher called over the rolls.

35. Call upon (আহবান করা )–I was called upon to see him immediately.

36.Carry about (সাথে নিয়ে বেড়ানো)  Every mother carries about her little child wherever she goes.

37. Carry away (বহন করা)- The fishermen were carried away by the mighty cyclone of the Bay of Bengal.

38.Carry on (চালিয়ে যাওয়া )– Everybody should carry on his duties sincerely.

39.Carry out (মান্য করা)-I always try to carry out the orders of my parents.

40.Carry through (টিকিয়ে রাখা) His honesty will carry him through adversities.

41. Cast away (নিক্ষেপ করা)- He cast away the pen.

42. Cast into ( আকার দান করা) – Iron is cast into different things.

43.Cast off (ফেলে দেওয়া)-I have cast off my old shoes.

44. Cast out (প্রত্যাখান করা) -If he comes to me for help, I will not cast him out.

45.Come about (ঘটা) How did the accident come about?




46. Come across (দেখতে পাওয়া) – I came across a man in the street.

47. Come after (পিছনে তাড়া করা)- The young boys came after the thief.

48. Come along (তাড়াতাড়ি করা) — Come along, it is getting late.

49. Come at (আক্রমণ করা) He came at with sharp knife.

50. Come away ( খুলে যাওয়া )– The handle of the axe came away,

51. Come out ( প্রকাশিত হওয়া )-The results of the SSC Examination will come out very soon.

52.Come of (জন্মগ্রহন করা )- Hazi Mohammad Mohsin came of a well off family.

53. Come forward (সামনে আসা )– None came forward to help the wounded man.

54. Come down ( কমে যাওয়া)  Recently, the prices of things have come down.

55. Come down ( ভেঙে পড়া)- The roof came down suddenly.

56. Come by (পাওয়া )- Nowadays jobs are very difficult to come by.

57. Come on (শুরু হওয়া )– The rain came on.

58. Come up to (অনুরূপ হওয়া)  – My result did not come up to my expectation.

59. Come upon (হঠাৎ আক্রমণ করা)– The enemies came upon him from behind.

60.Cut down (কেটে ফেলা )-The woodcutter cut down the tree with an axe. 


61. Cut down (কমানো)- He has cut down his expenditure.

6২.Cut in (অংশগ্রহণ করা)- He cut in the middle of our talk.

63. Cut out (পরাজিত করা)–I shall cut him out in the competition.

64. Cut out (বাদ দেওয়া )-I shall cut out coffee for the next two weeks.

65.  Cut up (টুকরো করে কাটা)– The maid cut up the meat.

66.Do for (কাজ চলা)- This pen will do for a pencil.

67.Do into ( অনুবাদ করা )– Do the English passage into Bengali.

68. Do off (খুলে ফেলা)- Do off your shirt.

69. Do on (পরিধান করা )- Do on your shirt.

70. Do with (ব্যবহার করা)– A politician has to do with all sorts of people.


71. Do without (প্রয়োজন না থাকা)  We can not do without paper a single day.

72. Draw away (অন্যদিকে ফিরানো) The noise has drawn away his attention from reading.

73. Draw back (পিছু হটা )-A man of word can not draw back from his word.

74. Draw off (পিছু হটা)– The enemy drew off.

75. Draw on (নিকটতর হওয়া )– Our examination is drawing on.

76. Draw out (টানিয়া তোলা )- The dentist drew out my aching teeth.

77. Draw out ( দীর্ঘ করা)-The leader drew out his speech.

78. Draw out (আকর্ষণ করা)– His miseries drew out others’ attention.

79. Draw up (সাজানো) The forces were drawn up.

80.Fall away ( পতন ঘটা )- The Mughal power fell away after the death of Alamgir.




81. Fall down (পড়ে যাওয়া )- The boy fell down from the tree.

82. Fall in (ধসে যাওয়া )- The roof of the house fell in.

83. Fall in with (একমত হওয়া )-I can not fall in with your proposal.

84. Fall off ( হ্রাস পাওয়া )- The number of students has fallen off.

85. Fall on/upon (আক্রমণ করা) The tiger fell on/upon the lamb.
86. Fall out (ঝগড়া করা) – They fell out over a trifle matter.
87. Fall through (ব্যর্থ হওয়া)  The project fell through for want of funds.
88. Go about (করা)- Go about your business.
89. Go about (ঘুরে বেড়ানো) – The boy is going about for nothing.
90. Go about (চালু হওয়া) A rumour goes about that he will resign.
91.Go at (সাধ্যমতো চেষ্টা করা) The mob went at the barricade and removed it.
92. Go away ( ত্যাগ করা) – He has gone away from the country forever.
93. Go away (আক্রমণ করা )– They go away at one another at the slightest fury.
94.Go on (চালিয়ে যাওয়া )-He is going.on wéll with his studies.
95. Go through (ভোগ করা )- The old sailor went through untold sufferings.
96. Hang about (ঘোরাফেরা করা)– You should not hang about all day long.
97. Hang by (ফাঁসি দেওয়া )- The murderer was hanged by the neck.
98. Hang down (মাথা নিচু করা) – He hanged down his head for his misdeed.
99. Hang over (মূলতবি রাখা) – The decision was hung over.
100. Hang up (ঝুলিয়ে রাখা)– We hang up the picture on the wall.
101. Hang upon (মনোযোগ দিয়ে শোনা)  -The supporters hung upon their leader’s speech:”
102.Hold back (গোপন রাখা) – You need not hold back the secret from us.
103. Hold in (সংযত করা )- He failed to hold in his temper.
104. Hold off (দূরে থাকা)–A good boy holds off from bad boys.
105. Hold out (ধরা)-This tank does not hold out much water.
106. Hold over (মুলতবি রাখা) The discussion was held over until the next day.
107. Hold to (লেগে থাকা) I shall hold to my plan.
Hold with (একমত হওয়া) – I cannot hold with you on this point.
108.Keep at/to (লেগে থাকা)– He could not keep at his principle.
109. Keep away/off (দূরে থাকা)- Everybody should try to keep away from evil company.
110. Keep back (লুকানো )- Do not keep back anything from me.
111. Keep down (চেপে রাখা)- Ratul never keep down anything from me.
112. “Keep in (থাকা)– He cannot keep in with you for a long time.
113. Keep to (লেগে থাকা)- She to your promise.
114. Keep up (বজায় রাখা )-I shall try to keep up the spirit of my family.
115. Keep up with (সমান তালে চলা) Try to keep up with the changing circumstances.
116. Knock off (তাড়াহুড়া করে শেষ করা/কমানাে)-We should not knock off anything.
117. Knock out (পরাজিত করা/বিস্মিত হওয়া) – He knocked out his opponent in one round.
118. knock up (মৃদু টোকা দ্বারা স্মরণ করানা/পরিশ্রান্ত হওয়া) – My mother knocked me up at six a.m
119. Look after (দেখাশুনা করা)– There was none to look after the orphan.
120. Look down upon (ঘৃণা করা)– The rich should not look down upon the poor. 
121. Look for (খোঁজা) – He is looking for his missing certificate.
122. Look into (তদন্ত করা )- The Headmaster asked the committee to look into the matter. 
123. Look out for (খোজ করা)– I am looking out for a good job.
124. Look over (পরীক্ষা করা)– The teacher is looking over the answer scripts.
125. Look up (খুজে বের করা)–Look up the word in the dictionary.
126. Look up to (সম্মান করা) – He looks up to his elders.
127. Look upon (গণ্য করা) – He looks upon me as his own brother.
128. Make off with (পালিয়ে যাওয়া)  The pick.pocket made off with my money bag.
129. Make out (বুঝতে পারা)-I could not make out what they said.
130.Make up (ক্ষতিপূরণ করা )– Try to make up the lost time.”
131. Make up ( মনস্থির করা)– He made up his mind to avoid evil còmpany.
132. pass away (মারা যাওয়া)  My grandfather passed away from this world yesterday.
133. Pass off (অনুষ্ঠিত হওয়া ) The fúnction was passed off smoothly.
134. Pass on (অগ্রসর হওয়া ) Let us pass on to another subject.
135. Pass over (উপেক্ষা করা )– The examiner passed over this mistakę.
136. Pick at ( খুঁত ধরা )-Don’t pick, at others.
137. pick up (গাড়িতে তুলে নেওয়া )  He picked me up on his way to the office.
138. Pick up (সংগ্রহ করা)– He picked up a ticket.
139. Pull in (আকর্ষণ করা)- The friendly match, pulled in much spectators.
140. Pull down (ভেঙে ফেলা)-He appears to be much pulled down.
141. Pull down ( মানসিক ভাবে ভেঙে পড়া)- They pulled down the old complex.
142. Pull at (টানিয়া সরানো)- The workers are pulling at the heavy enginė.
143. Put down (দমিয়ে রাখা) The rebellion was put down by the army.
144. Put on ( পরিধান করা)– We put on new clothes on festivals.
145. Run out (শেষ হওয়া)  The ink of the pen has run out.
146. Run over (গাড়ি চাপা পড়া  )-The old man was run over by a car.
147. Set åbout (আরম্ভ করা)-I have just set about my work.
148. Set aside (প্রত্যাখান করা) -The high court set aside the decision of the lower court.
149.Take down (লিখে রাখা)  -I took down the notes.
150. Take off ( খুলে রাখা) – He took off my school uniform after he had come from school.

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