5 Important Dialogue For All Class Students. JSC | SSC | HSC


5 Important Dialogue For All Class Students. JSC | SSC | HSC

#1 Write a dialogue in 100 words between a brother and a sister on the necessity of reading a newspaper.



Rupa: What are you reading so attentively?

Kaisar: Newspaper.

Rupa: You’re too much interested in the newspaper. But I have a little interest in it.

Kaisar: But why?

Rupa: The newspapers only highlight politics and politicians. I don’t like this at all.

Kaisar: You have a false idea about them. The newspapers do not publish news on politics only. There is also news on sports, films, articles, industry, agriculture, medicine, and many other topics.

Rupa: But they’ll take much of my valuable time away.

Kaisar: You will have to spend some time reading them because they’ll increase your general

knowledge. You’ll know what is happening at home and abroad.

Rupa: Yes, I am well convinced now. I’ll start reading the newspaper seriously from now.



#2  Suppose, you are Roddur/Rodela and your friend is Sayem/Sayma. 

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the way of removing illiteracy from society.


dialogue about the way of removing illiteracy


A dialogue between myself (Roddur) and my friend Sayem about removing of illiteracy:

Myself: Hi, Sayem, how are you?

Sayem: I am fine. ‘And you?

Myself: I am fine too. May I know your opinion about illiteracy?

Sayem: Yes. It is a serious problem as well as a curse for the country.

Myself: How?

Sayem: Because without education, no nation can develop as ignorance creates many other problems.

Myself: What should we do then?

Sayem: We should work hand in hand to educate the illiterate.

Myself: We also need to create people’s awareness so that they can send their children to school.

Sayem: Yes, of course. It is the key factor. Govt. has already taken many steps to remove illiteracy.

Myself: We must co-operate with the government.

Sayem: Yes, we must come forward in this respect.

Myself: If we are sincere in our words and deeds, nothing is impossible.

Sayem: That’s right. Thank you.

Myself: OK. See you again.



#3  Write A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Your Hobby



You are Joy. Your hobby is gardening. Write a dialogue in 100 words between you and Shawon about your hobbies.


Shawon: Hello, Joy, what are you doing.?


Myself: Hello I am working in my garden.


Shawon: Oh! Why do you do this?


Myself: It is mıy hobby.


Shawon: Do you grow only flowers in your garden.


Myself: No, There are two parts to my garden. In one part I have planted flowers and in another part, I have cultivated vegetables.


Shawon: Do you find any pleasure in gardening?


Myself: Of course, I get much pleasure in it.


Shawon: Then I must make a garden. Will you help me?


Myself: Sure. I will be very happy to help you in this regard.


Shawon: Oh! 1 have to go. See you again.


Myself: All right, see you again. 



#4  Dialogue Between Two Friends on The Necessity of Literacy 

Dialogue Between Two Friends on The Necessity of Literacy



Write a dialogue between Maruf and Minhaj about the necessity of Literacy.



A dialogue between Maruf and Minhaj about the necessity of Literacy.


Maruf: Hello, Minhaj. What are you doing. ?

Minhaj: I am writing an article about the children of our country.

Maruf: Is it necessary to think about the children separately?

Minhaj: I am worried about the education of all the children. Do you know the exact condition of the child education of our country?

Maruf: No, actually  I don’t have much idea about it.

Minhaj: Most of the children of our country are illiterate. They do not know how to read and write and no proper development is possible until all the children are given education.

Maruf: It’s a mammoth task. Is it possible?

Minhaj: Why not? You’ll be happy to know that by this time, Our government has made primary education compulsory.

Maruf: Is it true?

Minhaj: of course. Each and every child must complete primary education. 

Maruf: You know most of the people of our country are poor. How will they bear the expenses of education?

Minhaj: The government has launched a ‘ food for education ‘ program to inspire poor people to send their children to school.

Maruf: People from all walks of life should extend their co-operation.

Minhaj: Of course. It will need the co-operation of all.



#5  Write a dialogue in 100 words between two friends about their future plan in life. Or, aim in life. (For Ssc Students) 

A dialogue between Shawon and Hasan about their future in life :

dialogue about their future plan in life


Shawon: Hello Hasan, How are you?

Hasan:  I’m fine. What about you?

Shawon: I am well. I want to talk about your future plan.

Hasan: You know I am a science student. I want to be a doctor. After passing the SSC exam, 1 shall get

myself admitted into a reputed college and after passing the HSC from the science group, I

shall get myself admitted into a medical college. I shall try to serve my country as a

doctor. My father also wants me to be a doctor. What is your future plan?

Shawon: I want to be a lawyer. After passing the HSC exam from the humanities group, I shall make an attempt

to study law. As a lawyer, 1 shall serve my country. My mission will be to help the poor

pęople who do not get justice.

Hasan: Oh, very fine. It is a great idea. I hope for your success. Your mission is noble.

Shawon :

I pray for your success. Thank you.

Thanks. My blessings are also for your success.


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