English Composition on Physical Exercise – For All Class Students


Write a composition on Physical Exercise in 250 words.



Essay Physical Exercise composition



                                                PHYSICAL EXERCISE 

Health is the root of all happiness. Physical exercise is essential to keep healthy. None can enjoy a sound mind without a sound body. Body and mind are closely inter-related. So, physical exercise is a must to keep a sound body. It makes our body fit and gives us energy. We must take physical exercise regularly to have a sound body. So everybody should take physical exercise every day.


There are various kinds of physical exercise,  running, swimming, walking, riding and different kinds of sports and games are good forms of physical exercise. Everybody should take physical exercise according to his age and ability. For an old man, a morning walk or jogging is good exercise. Games like football, hockey, cricket, basketball, volleyball, and kabaddi, etc. are suitable for young people.


Physical Exercise is very important for both our body and mind. It increases our stamina, strength, and speed of work. It keeps our minds fresh. It makes our body strong and active. It improves our power of digestion and makes our body fit. Regular games and sports can develop the spirit of teamwork, fellow-feeling, group loyalty, and self-discipline. A student who takes physical exercise. regularly can work very hard and do well in his studies. He never fails in life. On the other hand, physical exercise not only improves our health but also makes us smart, active, and graceful.


All kinds of exercises aren’t appropriate for all ages. We shouldn’t take exercise after a meal. Excessive exercise breaks down our health. We have to take proper food and rest after physical exercise, Irregular exercise is injurious to health also.


Health is wealth. If the body is sick then nothing is enjoyable to anyone. To preserve our health, everybody should take physical exercise. It helps us to lead a sound life. At the same time, we should follow the rules of exercise. Thus we can build up a sound body and live happily.


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