Tree Plantation Paragraph writing – For Class 4,5,6,7,8

In this article, you will learn tree plantation paragraph on class 4,5,6,7,8

tree plantation paragraph



Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on “Tree plantation”: 

(a) What does a tree do for us? 

(b) What happens if there were no trees? 

(c) What is the effect of the loss of trees?

(d) What should be done to save mankind?

(c) How can be made the earth greener cleaner and safer? 

(e) What part do people play in protecting trees and increasing forests? 


                      Tree Plantation paragraph for SSC 


Nowadays ‘tree plantation’ has become a much ventilated issue. Tree plantation’ means planting trees in a large number to prevent deforestation. The importance of tree plantation beggars description. Firstly, trees provide us with various fruits, honey, fodder for animals, and medicine. Secondly, they supply timber which is used in housing, in making furniture, toys and vehicles, and in manufacturing paper and pencils. Thirdly. almost all the birds and many animals depend on trees for their habitat. Fourthly, trees play the key-role in protecting our environment and maintaining ecological balance. They prevent erosion of soil and protect houses from fiood and storm. They absorb carbon-di-oxide, a major culprit for green-house effect. They help rain to occur. Random felling of trees may cause rapid desertification. In recent times, the importance of tree plantation is being desperately felt because our envirönment is facing increasing threats day by day. Temperature is ever on the rise; polar ice is melting and sea-level is rising; yield of crops is collapsing and so on. July and August are the best time for tree plamation. To motivate people for tree plantation. mass-awareness should be raised. Fallow or unused land available anywhere namely roadsides, sea-beaches riversides. different institutions etc. can be brought under tree plantation. To conclude, every possible step should be taken for tree plantation until it is too late.


                 TREE PLANTATION Paragraph for class 5,6,7,8


Plants and trees area unit closely connected with our life and well-being. the advantages we tend to get from them or countless. Trees area unit essential for U.S. becausše they need to create our life inhabitable on earth.Trees area unit most vital for maintaining ecological balance. Trees will save the U.S. from completely different natural disasters like floods, droughts, and cyclones. Our life and trees area units are indivisible. For these reasons, we must always plant additional and additional trees. If we would like to avoid wasting our lives on earth, we tend to should plant trees. we must always beware of them as we tend to beware of ourselves. We must prevent those that impede trees without aim. We get some direct edges from trees. they supply shelter, food, fruits, fodder, wood, and timber. we tend to conjointly get drugs from completely different plants and trees. These area units are referred to as medicative plants. Trees offer U.S. O, while not that we tend to cannot even think about living even for a couple of minutes. Trees area unit very important for our life and living. while not trees and forests, we tend to cannot to think about our own life on earth. Therefore, we tend to all ought to understand this truth and plant and defend additional and additional trees.



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